why New Years resolutions don't work

Let me ask you a question…

How many times have you joined the gym with the intention to go on a regular basis but never got into a steady routine?

OR planned to start a diet and told your self you would start tomorrow but never did?

You may find that you have been telling yourself the same thing year after year, and yet you find yourself setting the same goals again and again.


Now let me tell you something …

Did you know that 80% of people don’t make it to February before breaking their New Years resolutions and go back to their old ways! 


So why does this happen?

Most New Years resolutions include eating healthy, exercising more, drinking less, quitting smoking etc all of which are what we call habits. 

Habits are routine behaviours done on a regular basis. They are things we do unconsciously that occur through frequent repetition. For example waking up, getting a shower and brushing your teeth is an existing habit. Making resolutions involves changing habits — and in order to change a habit, you have to change your way of thinking. 

You have already created HUNDREDS of habits over the years and you don't even remember how they got started, so creating habits can't be that hard or you wouldn't have so many of them! 


How can we change our habits and make 2018 different?

  1. Ditch your resolutions and make REAL goals: Goals are what stay with us every single day not just once a year. Make it a year-long process, renewing your commitment to it every day. 


  1. Pick a small action: This is the first step to changing your habits and the main reasons New Year's resolutions don’t work.  Telling your self that your going to ‘lose weight’ is not a small action. Instead, tell yourself "I'm going to attend 2 classes this week" this is a small action and you will be more likely to stick to it.


  1. Create new thought patterns: Just by changing the way you think, you can change your life. The results you have in your life now come from your past thoughts. So if you're telling your self-everyday "I can’t do this" or "I will never be successful" guess what? That's exactly what will happen. Our thoughts connect with our emotions, so bad thoughts will lead to bad feeling and you will always act on your feelings. The first step to changing this is to become aware of the types of negative thoughts you often have. Once you are aware of this you can then start to adapt your way of thinking from negative thoughts to positive thoughts.


  1. Have an accountability buddy: This can be anyone, a family member a friend or a group. Having someone to be accountable to will give you the willpower to make better choices and perform at a higher level. The reasoning is simple—when you are held accountable for your actions, you will work harder.


  1. Celebrate your success: Don’t wait until the end goal to be completed before celebrating. Award yourself in milestones. By taking time to celebrate every success, no matter how big or small, it will build your confidence and make it easier to keep pushing and reach that final goal.


  1. Strive for continuous improvement rather than perfection: Understand that no one is perfect! All great lessons are born from failure. Work to your best potential every single day, and let the results speak for themselves.


I know that you have been thinking about making a change for a while. Now is the time. I can help you!


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