The H.E.L.P Package

Do you need H.E.L.P. with your health and fitness goals???

H - Hassle Free
E - Eating
L - Lifestyle Change
P - Professional Workouts

We are proud to team up with the fabulous crew at the Core Meal Prep to bring you the ultimate hassle free, fat loss programme. Short and effective workouts for your ability you can do at home, no equipment needed. Fresh and nutritious food delivered to your door PLUS access to our online community and support from the pro’s.

This is going to make your quest for fitness in 2018 easy.


30 minute consultation with the pros at the beginning and half way point.

Short and effective workouts for any ability you can do at home, no equipment needed.

Fresh, high quality and nutritionally balanced meals delivered straight to your front door.

Become part of our online community, have full support from us and the rest of team BTA.


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