Have you been on an endless stream of "diets" and still not getting the result you want?

Do you want to get fit and stay fit?

Then this program is for YOU!

Fit for life is designed for all fitness levels with any goal in mind. Whether you want to shred down, build muscle or learn a healthy lifestyle approach this program will help you gain control of your body and live a healthy, sustainable lifestyle.

While this is an 8 Week Program, our goal is to provide a life changing experience and help you to embrace a new lifestyle that will keep you Fit For Life! This program also includes progress tracking via our BTA App and connects you with a community of like-minded, inspired people. 


At the end of the program we will be selecting a winner who will receive £150 cash, BTA merchandise and 1 month of personalised online coaching worth £297!


Meal plans templates with simple and tasty recipes. 

Training programs tailored to your goals.

Instructional demonstration videos for all exercises delivered through our app.

 Check-ins are set up to assure stable and lasting results.

4 week mindset program providing strategies to help you maintain your results after the program has finished, including weekly 'Go Get It' and daily empowerment tasks.

Accountability and support throughout the program via our Facebook group.

4 week nutritional education program delivered through live group calls.

Vegan / Vegetarian / Gluten free / Dairy free catered for.

Access to our members area with educational videos for our most FAQ's.

Take a look at the amazing success stories our clients have had from our previous programs. Read their stories and become inspired to make the change today!


"Fit For Life has taught me so much about nutrition, exercise and myself. No longer will I be that girl looking in the mirror crying because I'm a fat sack of poop. Instead I'm looking at that smiling girl staring back at me. No more tears!! My body's changed & it can only get better. Now I'm up & in the gym by 6.30am, pushing myself. I've got respect for food and most importantly myself.

The mind set coaching has helped me so much. There's big things on the horizon. The group has been incredible. We're like a family. No-one's journey has been smooth sailing, but we've been there to support each other. Thank you to Emily & Ross for everything!! You've saved me from a dark place and taught me so much.”

Sarah Nettleingham - Winner of FFL 2.0


"These last 8 weeks have been amazing! FFL definitely sets a positive mindset and I have started putting that to good use in everyday life. I've set and achieved more goals in the last 8 weeks than i have in the last 2 years! I wake up happier and feel a sense of achievement and as if I just want to get up and succeed in everything I do. I have more energy and feel so much better overall."


Dave Elliot


"BTA Fitness organised a clean eating plan for me and a focused workout to ensure that I got the best results from our twice weekly sessions. They were very encouraging and mixed up the routine each time so there was variety. I loved the motivation from other members and we all support each other. You never feel alone and it all becomes fun. I found BTA Fitness to be really professional, passionate and knowledgeable, not just about exercise and fitness but also about posture and nutrition.

My journey still continues and I have managed so far to lose 44lbs and 29 inches! It has been the hardest thing I have ever done but with the support available 24/7 it helped immensely. Now I get a really good feeling when people pay me compliments. I love it! Being able to put smaller clothes on is the best feeling in the world. I no longer shop for clothes in the plus section! With determination, willpower and constant support there is no reason why your journey cannot start now! I have not been on a diet, I have changed my life style."


payyourtaxes (2)

"I started this FFL slightly sceptical, Would it work for me? Would online coaching work for me? Well safe to say it bloody worked. The difference between this and 'fad diets ' is this is a lifestyle change, not a quick fix (even though I saw results very quickly).

BTA educated us all on foods, meal prep, macros and calories. The live videos were inspirational and so informative, each time I walked away confident and knew I would smash another week. Emily is very good at helping you change your mindset and cutting our horrible habits. I can't believe the difference in just 8 weeks and look forward to seeing what else I can achieve!"

Steph Richard


“I went through a difficult period in my life where I was eatting for covience and what suited at the time, it was only ment to be a short term solution to a short term problem but unfortunatly the situation went on for a little longer than I had hoped and ultimately that lifestyle became my new normal, I gained body fat and lost confidence, I didn't feel comfortable wearing certain clothes and had become more conscious that I have ever done before.

I knew I needed to get out of my own head and hire a coach who I knew would help me, having spent time with Ross & Emily in the past I knew they would help me get back on track and start making new habits. I've now broken the habits that were taking me away from where I wanted to be and have now made habits that are taking me closer to where I want to be. Having that accountability each and every single week without fail has helped me massively. Thank you both for your help”

Liam Tye


“In last 6 weeks I have changed a lot. Not only my appearance but my eating habits too. I was bloated, some evenings it was even painful. I knew that something need to be done but wasn't sure where to start . I decided to join fit for life as in my mind it works better when you do it with like-minded people.

Before I didn't have any knowledge about macros and how they work but thanks to Emily I know much more about it now.No matter what will be my result in the end of this challenge I am certainly on the way of better me- physically and mentally too”

Rita - Winner of FFL


"Joining team BTA has completely changed how I approach my training and diet. I have seen results for the first time without starving myself of carbs and hours on a treadmill which made me miserable. I now train in a supportive community on a flexible eating plan with training routines that are building my body as well as my self confidence as I approach 50. Thank you Emily and BTA I would never have achieved this without you.”


Adelle Martin

dan test 3

"The original goal was to lose some stubborn body fat that I had gained, Be more happy and confident with my body and to become generally stronger and fitter using mainly body weight with the TRX straps. I explained to Ross that because I work offshore on various rigs for 4-6 weeks at a time that I struggle to keep fit due to some of the rigs lacking in a gym and was concerned I would lose any progress I had made. BTA helped me work around this by giving me a personal plan for working out with some TRX straps which I had never used before.

Not only did I lose all the body fat that I wanted but my overall fitness went up being able to carry out many more reps or go that extra mile when running. Happier with my body all whilst gaining knowledge not only about how to do different exercises but the science behind the food I eat and how it effects me."

Dan Cushman


"I took part in BTA FFL program and their advice and knowledge has really set me up on my health & fitness journey. I felt constantly supported throughout with my meal plans, exercise plans and the regular Facebook lives packed with handy tips and facts to help me learn more about things such as macros, mindset and so much more! I've been to gyms and worked with personal trainers before, but nothing has set me in track in the way BTA's support has. Cannot recommend them enough"