8 month transformation


“3 and half years ago I lost my sister to Leukaemia which was a huge blow. My last challenge to raise money for my sister was on the 26th September 2015 after my sister’s wedding and that was the last time I saw her. I
didn’t realise but I was lost for those 3 years, drinking, eating not sleeping and just about getting myself to work, running two businesses every day and nobody was any the wiser so I did a great job of coping. Then on
31st May 2018 I started my journey with Ross Cowan and Body Transformation Academy!!

I haven’t looked back since. My nutrition was the first thing we discussed and the first 3 sessions with Ross were primarily about food, understanding what was a good fat and a good carbohydrate and understanding
how a healthy body works. I was 14st 8lb on that fateful day and was training for the London Marathon which was the catalyst to getting me back on track, I am now successful in running 3 businesses, my energy levels
are through the roof and I am switched on every day encouraging my team to do well and we continue to-succeed.

I cannot stress how important it is to find time for yourself, listen to your body and get a great coach who will give you the tools to succeed. I am now, after 9 months 2st 8lb lighter and my body fat is within a healthy range of 18-20%. I can do anything I put my mind to and was only saying the other day Ross makes you feel super human when training, he instils so much confidence in you that you can literally do anything you want.

If I can give anyone some advice who may be lost, stuck in a rut or just needing to get some help, give these guys a call, they have some awesome ideas and run great retreats and workshops to suit everyone. Thank you Ross and Team BTA for your continued support.”


Coaching is about empowering your clients with the tools needed to achieve AMAZING things! Sue’s story is so incredible because of her determination to tackle the challenges head on, no excuses, no bullshit!