12 week transformation


"I went through a difficult period in my life where I was eating for convenience and what suited at the time, it was only meant to be a short term solution to a short term problem but unfortunately the situation went on for a little longer than I had hoped and ultimately that lifestyle became my new normal, I gained body fat and lost confidence, I didn't feel comfortable wearing certain clothes and had become more conscious that I have ever done before.

"I knew I needed to get out of my own head and hire a coach who I knew would help me, having spent time with Ross & Emily in the past I knew they would help me get back on track and start making new habits.

I've now broken the habits that were taking me away from where I wanted to be and have now made habits that are taking me closer to where I want to be. Having that accountability each and every single week without fail has helped me massively. Thank you both for your help."

Liam Tye