20 week transformation


"When I started with BTA I was fed up of feeling hungry, building no muscle and seeing no progress in the gym. I was on around 1400 cals a day and had no energy and felt demotivated. I spiralled this way for years. Emily put me at ease immediately and explained thoroughly the reasons I wasn’t making progress and how she believed I needed to up increase my calories dramatically and change my workout regime.

Four months on and my body composition has completely changed. I have gained muscles all over and the strength that I have in the gym has almost doubled. I’m currently eating 800 calories more than when I started with Emily yet have just gained 3-4 pounds.

However my entire shape has improved and I couldn’t feel happier. It’s the first time in over six years I can honestly say that I am enjoying food and enjoying training and I am eating things I would never have dreamed of. I put my trust in BTA and choosing them as my coach has been the best decision I have ever made. I’m happy to see what the next few months reveals"