12 week transformation


“I had been trying different diets for a nearly a year, wasting my money on juice diets etc. Nothing worked so I decided to start my journey with emily as I had been watching her page for a good few months and it was honestly the best decision I had made in a while!

Since starting with BTA at the beginning of the year I have lost over 1 stone. But I try not to focus on the weight loss but more the way I look and feel. I have so much more energy and my mental health has stabled. I look in the mirror and feel more confident and I’m more toned.

I have feel in love with exercise again after not stepping in a gym since have my 2 boys. The best thing about the programme is it teaches you portion control, and how to still enjoy the treat foods but still get results. I am now training for tough mudder in September which is a big challenge for me as I’ve never done anything like it before.

The journey is worth taking, BTA and the team are supportive and encouraging. For anyone looking to help their body and mind this journey is definitely one to take!”