6 months transformation


"BTA Fitness organised a clean eating plan for me and a focused workout to ensure that I got the best results from our twice weekly sessions. They were very encouraging and mixed up the routine each time so there was variety. I loved the motivation from other members and we all support each other. You never feel alone and it all becomes fun. I found BTA Fitness to be really professional, passionate and knowledgeable, not just about exercise and fitness but also about posture and nutrition. 

My journey still continues and I have managed so far to lose 44lbs and 29 inches! It has been the hardest thing I have ever done but with the support available 24/7 it helped immensely. Now I get a really good feeling when people pay me compliments. I love it! Being able to put smaller clothes on is the best feeling in the world. I no longer shop for clothes in the plus section! With determination, willpower and constant support there is no reason why your journey cannot start now! I have not been on a diet, I have changed my life style."