8 week transformation

dan test 3

"The original goal was to lose some stubborn body fat that I had gained, Be more happy and confident with my body and to become generally stronger and fitter using mainly body weight with the TRX straps.

I explained to Ross that because I work offshore on various rigs for 4-6 weeks at a time that I struggle to keep fit due to some of the rigs lacking in a gym and was concerned I would lose any progress I had made.

Ross (who is probably the most positive and upbeat person I’ve ever met) helped me work around this by giving me a personal plan for working out with some TRX straps which I had never used before, this way I would always have a gym with me when travelling to work so long as I had something above me to clip into or even a door.

So I no longer had any excuses as to why I cant do anything

Not only did I lose all the body fat that I wanted (around 2-3% getting down to 7%) but my overall fitness went up being able to carry out many more reps or go that extra mile when running. Happier with my body all whilst gaining knowledge not only about how to do different exercises but the science behind the food I eat and how it effects me.

Whilst working away Ross would whatsapp me asking about progress and how I was getting on whilst also answering any questions I had. This meant quite a lot to me as you really knew that Ross wanted to help me achieve my goals and you wasn’t just another paying customer that was forgotten about once you walked out of the studio.

My most proud moment was when I was working away and texting Ross, sending him progress reports and I got a response

“fwaaaaaaarrrrrrrkkkk! You look sick Dan! Easily 6%”

Ross asked for a before and after photo and seeing the difference between just meeting Ross and afterwards really hit it home. It was also then I had realized I had done all this without any supplements, which claim to “burn fat” “build muscle”

It was all done with working out smart and paying attention to what I was eating."