It is interesting to reflect back on my old belief systems around body image and weight loss. I had been educated by slimming clubs how to deprive myself from certain food groups and how to blame myself when I couldn’t maintain their program. I really thought I knew how to exercise and how to eat to lose weight. Though ironically I had a gym membership for nearly 10 years and ended up the heaviest I had ever been. My body was something that I despised and felt uncomfortable being in. I thought I could only be truly happy if I was slim and looked a certain way.

I met Ross in a business networking meeting and there was just something about him that made me go up to him to find out more. I found myself agreeing to go for an initial consultation. My big fears of training were – what if I ended up bigger? I had visions of bulging muscles and feeling even more unattractive! What if I couldn’t do it – it looks really hard! What if due to my thyroid problems I couldn’t lose weight?

I actually laugh so much just remembering how worried I was. I know now that I was at the start of one of the most amazing things I have ever done. Over the three years of being coached by Ross I have to learnt to achieve. He gets me lifting, pulling, pushing and moving out of my comfort zone. I can always do more than I think!

My body looks very different, yes I lost a lot of weight but ironically it has become more about what my body can do for me.  I celebrate what my body does and the experiences that is now giving me. I started running and road biking. The big goal I am now training for is the London Duathlon. Who would have thought that at the age of 51 I could be doing that? I will be the sweaty, purple faced woman with the biggest smile on my face because it doesn’t matter what I look like, it matters more that I am doing it.

It isn’t losing weight and being slim that has proven to be the most important change, it is who I have become and what I do that inspires me each day. Ross has helped me to switch my focus away from losing towards gaining.