Ross Cowan


I really didn't start loving health and fitness. I hated the way I looked and dreaded social situations where I had to show my body. It was because of this I was never into sports and spent most of my youth being a little "toe rag" (my teachers words), getting into trouble, drinking, smoking and generally not looking after my body.

At the age of 21 I was a frail looking 8.5 stone. My only saving grace was being a naturally good swimmer.

I started working as a lifeguard at a leisure centre and decided to train myself plus a few friends too. After a few months we were getting some great results, members started asking me to train them over the other qualified PT's in the gym. I asked the manager if they could fund my PT qualification and they refused, so, I saved up the 3k for the course and did it myself.

Since then I've been lucky enough to change the lives of 100's of people, build an award winning PT studio from scratch and raise money for some awesome charities.

I absolutely love what my industry allows me to do. For me there is nothing better than the moment when you see a persons eyes change. Every belief they possess that has been holding them back just disintegrates in a moment.

They are confident, empowered and excited about the new possibilities open to them. I love watching this happen!

My goal is to now take my experience and create these moments on the biggest scale I possibly can. Looking forward to seeing you there.



  • Personal trainer
  • Mindset coach
  • Public Speaker


  • 30 years old
  • 7 years in the fitness industry
  • PRO fitness model for Pure Elite body building federation
  • Olympic lifting qualification
  • TRX trainer
  • Public speaking
  • Built a private training studio from scratch

Fun Facts

  • Likes to smell like limes