Emily Hackett


My passion in life is health and fitness and helping others achieve their goals. I believe that living a healthy lifestyle with regular exercise can change the way we feel about ourselves mentally and physically. Having trained as a professional dancer fitness was a very important aspect of my career, however i found my self living an unhealthy diet and resenting exercise! My confidence was at rock bottom and this effected me so many ways., bad skin, feeling fatique, depression and seriously lacked motivation.

I then realised the only person that can make a real difference was ME! It was then my pain become my passion. I believe if you're going to do something - do it at the best of your ability. Believe in focusing on the positives from every experience and enjoy inspiring others to achieve their goals .

I know that if you feel good on the inside it reflects on the outside. Work towards your own personal goals to achieve the best results that you can for YOUR body. No matter how big or small the goal might be we all have the potential to succeed you have just got to work for it!



  • Bodybuilder
  • Personal trainer
  • Model
  • Multi skilled performer
  • Dancer


  • Has a degree in dance
  • 2 years experience in the fitness industry
  • Went to a dance school
  • 25 years young

Fun Facts

  • Has 2 wonky toes!