8 Week Shred in feb challenge SUCCESS STORIES!

"It's not about being perfect. It's about effort, And when you bring that effort every single day, that's how transformation happens, that's how change occurs."


Back in February, I launched my 8-week Shred In Feb challenge took on women who really wanted to make a CHANGE!

I am honestly so impressed and proud of the results that have come across in JUST 8 weeks; it just goes to show that with a goal, the correct diet and training as well as a positive attitude, you CAN see amazing results in such a short time.

My girls have not restricted themselves in order to get results, they are not on LOW-calorie diets, nor are they cutting out carbs. Instead, they have learnt how to live a healthy lifestyle whilst still enjoying everything they love within moderation.  They have been educated on what food should be eaten for their goals, portion control, how to vary their foods and how to adjust their plans whilst out socialising and still get RESULTS!

What tends to happen is that people only ever see the END RESULT. They don’t see the real grind that we go through every single day in order to get that result. That result comes from them, not from me. Yes, I give them all the tools they need to get there but it's not just about the information, it's about the IMPLEMENTATION! These women have made choices...


The choice to not binge drink at the weekend.

The choice to meal prep on a Sunday evening rather than sitting on the sofa watching TV.

The choice to get up and train even when they are feeling unmotivated.

The choice to keep a positive mindset even their progress hits a plateau.


The biggest difference between clients who get better results and others that don’t is the choices they make outside of the gym and outside of the plans they get given by me. They remain consistent and focused even when things get tough. That’s the difference!


Read what they have to say about the challenge below


"I am a big believer in fate. I had a rough time with fitness and health before Christmas and in the new year I spoke to Emily briefly and decided to try her 8-week challenge to motivate me. I am really pleased with the results so far, Emily has been approachable, friendly and encouraging. I highly recommend her as a coach. So much so I have decided to venture into competing with her guidance. This 8 weeks I have enjoyed the workouts and meal plans Emily has set me, tailored to my needs. I am really looking forward to the final weigh-in, but I definitely wont stop there! Thank you for giving me the motivation when I needed it most"


"Emily you have been an inspiration, I just love your honest and upbeat attitude. It's not easy to open up but I have found that refreshing. The challenge has been about more than losing inches and weight and your Facebook live sessions have been brilliant. Learning more about nutrition even though I already knew about it, that surprised me in a good way and talking about planning and self-worth/care. Hearing from the other ladies on the challenge has also been massively motivating for me, wow what a different collection of people all wanting to be better versions of themselves, gives me goosebumps. Emily has been sensitive, practical and very flexible at helping me to fit in calories and training around other bike and running training and my aim of weight loss when a lot of other trainers are so focused on it not being about the scales that can hinder someone who does have a weight loss aim. I will definitely be continuing on and can't recommend Emily's style and training highly enough. Much love and so grateful to have found this."


"I have been passionate about my health and fitness for two years now. I go to the gym mainly for vanity purposes as I prefer the way my body looks and feels when I train. Up until now, I have taught myself as I like to be in control of things, so for me, this challenge was a lot more than getting my abs back. Obviously, that was a major selling point but for me, it was training my mind to put my trust and faith into someone else. I definitely accomplished that. I am not a confident person but this whole challenge has taught me so much about me as a person and what I’m capable of when I put my mind to something.

For 8 weeks I fully meal prepped and completed every gym session set. I didn’t realise how disciplined and how much self-control I had in me. I realised I definitely need to stop underestimating myself! I also took over Emily Instagram which was a massive ordeal for me but with a little nudge, I overcame that fear! Being a newly qualified pt I didn't have the experience of how a programme works but I now feel like my knowledge has been cemented into my brain and Emily has filled in all my missing gaps! The support Emily has given throughout the process cannot be faulted, I couldn’t have chosen a better person to be my first coach and hopefully, this won’t be the last!

Finally, I just want to thank Emily as I have never felt so confident and happy with my body, the changes I have made have shocked me. Seeing week one - now makes me thirsty for more hard work to see what else I can do. I can’t believe I have lost around 8 cm in my waist! I’m down to around 16-17% body fat now and P.S my weight is still the same!"

My challenges are not about short-term fixes but about teaching you how to make health and fitness a lasting lifestyle change by simple effective coaching methods that are proven to WORK!

Would you like to be apart of my challenge and transform your mind AND body to become the best version of YOU?!

My brand new challenge 8 week Bikini Babe challenge has just launched! Become the next winner by registering here!

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