You've probably heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Starting your day off eating the right foods is incredibly important when it comes to getting results, but, how do you know if your what your eating is actually doing you more bad than good?

We always encourage our clients to eat a healthy breakfast that is high in protein and healthy fats. This is what gives you energy, and, will also make you feel fuller for longer. In contrast, an unhealthy breakfast can make you feel sluggish, cause you to gain weight and increase your risk of chronic disease.

Rather than state the obvious breakfast foods that we all know is bad for us e.g (muffins, pancakes and pastries) we want to share with you our top 5 healthy eating breakfast mistakes, and, our best alternatives.



A bowl of plain, full-fat Greek yoghurt topped with berries is a great example of a healthy breakfast. However, a container of fat-free, flavoured yoghurt is not. In fact, many flavoured non-fat yoghurts contain more sugar than a can of coke!

“Light” yoghurts often use artificial sweeteners that are exponentially sweeter than real sugar, which causes you to have MORE cravings for sweets!

So whats the better choice?

When choosing yoghurt you always want to go for the full-fat version as fat is what helps keep you full as it takes longer to digest than carbs. Pick a plain Greek yoghurt and flavour it yourself using a small amount of honey or maple syrup. Good quality protein powder is also great for giving your yoghurt flavour and add some extra protein.



Cereal has been one of the go-to breakfasts since it was invented in 1863. The adverts you see on TV is promoting cereal and most cereals these days may have special claims such as "heart healthy” or “fat-free", even when there is virtually zero nutritional value, which is incredibly misleading. As a result, there's a high chance your stomach will start rumbling again mid-morning, and will most likely end up picking on unhealthy snacks.

So whats the better choice?

Instead, trade the cereal for good old fashion steal cut oats. They're just as easy, and they'll keep you satisfied all morning. To give it a flavour try adding a little cinnamon, honey and top of with your favourite type of berries. If you want to know more about cereal check out video 'Is Cereal Good For You'



While bread is tasty, the same problems persist as with cereal…Bread has little nutritional value because of processing and artificial ingredients that are difficult for your body to digest, and yes, this also applies to whole wheat/brown bread! If you're putting margarine or a butter alternative on your toast you are increasing your risk for heart disease and diabetes as most 'spreadable butter' contains trans fats which are dangerous.  You do not want to be putting synthetic fat into your body!!!  

So whats the better choice?

If you love toast with breakfast, replace your white or brown bread with 'wheat free rye bread'. It will fill you up and won't spike your blood sugar levels too high. Add a few eggs, some spinach and tomatoes and your winning!



Orange Juice is known for its relatively high amount of Vitamin C, however, did you know that 1 glass also contains the same amount of sugar as a can of coke! Shocking right? The natural sugar in the orange juice is by far better than the sugar you find in coke BUT its still a lot of sugar for your body to handle in one go. 

So whats the better choice?

If you're pushed for time in the morning and looking for a quick and healthy breakfast then make your self a tasty smoothie that has healthy protein, fats and minimal carbs. Our favourite smoothie recipe contains protein powder, natural peanut butter and berries. Check out the recipe at the bottom of this blog.



One of the easiest things to grab for breakfast when you’re in a hurry is a banana. First, understand that we are NOT saying bananas are bad for you, we are just saying they aren't the best thing to eat for breakfast. They are one of the more carb-heavy fruits and they contain a high amount of natural sugars (nearly 25%!). They’ll give you a quick boost of energy, but you’ll soon be tired and feeling hungry.

So whats the better choice?

If you still want to have your morning banana but by teaming it with other foods, that include protein and healthy fats. This way you will be able to avoid any mid-day crashes and kick start your morning on a healthy note.


Our Favourite Go To Breakfast Recipes

Whether you're a savoury or a sweet tooth person we have 2 awesome healthy breakfast recipes that are quick and easy and most importantly will leave you feeling full and satisfied.




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