Have you ever found that when trying to lose fat and adopting healthier eating habits it starts off really well, you lose a few pounds, shed a few inches and then all of a sudden everything seems to come to a standstill?

However, you are doing exactly the same thing you did in the first place in order to get those results so what is going on?! We’ve all been there. Whether we’re trying to lose weight or build muscle, we hit that point in our progress where everything seems to stop.

Let me introduce you to our friend the PLATEAU!

This is when people say things like "it isn't working for me" and will most likely want to give up. When we work hard for something and don’t see progress, we get unhappy which can cause a decrease in motivation.

Hitting a plateau is very common in everyone's fitness journey. Just like anything after a while, our bodies will adjust. You just need to make a few small tweaks to get everything back on track. So here are my 3 ways to overcome your plateau.


Start by looking at the foods your consuming. You might find that you're eating the same foods on a regular basis. Our bodies are made to adapt, so when you do the same thing for a period of time, eventually your body will adjust and progress will stop. Keep your food exciting! You don't have to eat chicken and broccoli every day in order to shed fat. Mix up your protein and fat choices! We provide our clients with tons of tasty recipes so it keeps their body guessing and stops them from getting bored. If you want some recipe ideas to check out our youtube channel! http://bit.ly/2vgE8rl


In most cases, people struggle to shed more fat because they are not consuming enough calories. Believe it or not your body needs the calories in order to burn them. My tip for you is to keep yourself accountable by logging your food intake by using a food diary or My Fitness Pal. Studies show that people who tracked their food lost up to 35% more weight than people who didn't.

If you're not eating enough your body will be in what we call a calorie deficit. This means that your metabolism will start to slow down and your body will go into 'survival' mode and do the best it can to hold on to stored energy. That's why these 500 calorie diets DO NOT WORK! One of the best ways to refuel and fire up your metabolism is with MORE FOOD! Use an app like MFP to find out your calorie maintenance level and then you can work out how many calories you need in order to get to your target weight. If you need help with working out how much your body needs to check out our online coaching, let us take care of the hard work for you! http://bit.ly/2gc8fbn


Yes its important to stick with a training routine to see results but not for too long or you won't be challenging your body enough. One way to know if its time to switch up your training is how you feel during it. If you remember back to when you first started your program, it was exciting, you felt the burn and probably struggled to finish it. If all of a sudden your training becomes boring or easy then that's quite a big sign to change it up.

You can do this by following a completely new routine, increasing the intensity of your workouts, adding in strength training, HIIT training or even taking a few rests days. It's crucial to understand that rest is just as important as training. Rest days allow your muscles, time to repair so we can reach our maximum potential. If you overtrain to the point of breakdown, not only will you be physically unable to train for a while, but your mood and motivation will take a serious battering too.


Think about why you wanted to start being more active in the first place. Maybe you wanted to be able to run a marathon or simply to get into a pair of jeans that you haven't been able to fit into for years. That’s your why.

The next time you don’t want to log another food entry into your app or get a workout in at the gym – think about your why. Your why can drive you to follow through on your commitment to better health and help push you past your weight loss plateau.

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