Have you been on an endless stream of "diets" and still not getting the result you want?

Do you want to get fit and stay fit?

Well, then this challenge is for YOU!

Fit for life is designed for both men and women with any goal in mind. Whether you want to shred down or bulk up this challenge will transform your total body, boost your metabolism and help gain control of your body health & life.

This challenge is based on my own training methods and nutritional advice that I have used to build and tone my physique and now I want to help you do the same! While this is an 8 Week Program, my goal is to provide a life changing experience and help you to embrace a new lifestyle that will keep you fit for life! My challenges are not about short-term fixes but about teaching you how to make health and fitness a lasting lifestyle change, by simple effective coaching methods that are proven to WORK!

This Challenge also includes progress tracking in my App, allowing you to follow as your body changes week-by-week and you will join a community of like-minded, inspired people. At the end of the challenge, I will be selecting a winner who will receive prizes worth over £400!

Are you ready to get fit for life?




Macros calculated / Tailored meal plans, simple and tasty recipes 

Weight training programs/ HIIT workouts

Instructional demonstration videos for all exercises delivered through my app

Weekly progression check-ins are set up to assure stable and lasting results.

Get accountability and support throughout the entire challenge through my private facebook forum

Vegan / Vegetarian / Gluten free / Dairy free catered for

Take a look at the amazing success stories my clients have had read their stories and become inspired to make the change today!


"I started with Emily around four months ago. When I started I was fed up of feeling hungry, building no muscle and seeing no progress in the gym. I was on around 1400 cals a day and had no energy and felt demotivated. I spiralled this way for years. Emily put me at ease immediately and explained thoroughly the reasons I wasn’t making progress and how she believed I needed to up increase my calories dramatically and change my workout regime. Four months on and my body composition has completely changed. I have gained muscles all over and the strength that I have in the gym has almost doubled. I’m currently eating 800 calories more than when I started with Emily yet have just gained 3-4 pounds. However my entire shape has improved and I couldn’t feel happier. It’s the first time in over six years I can honestly say that I am enjoying food and enjoying training and I am eating things I would never have dreamed of. I put my trust in Emily and choosing her as my coach has been the best decision I have ever made. I’m happy to see what the next few months reveal"

Fiona Ni Chonchuir


"I started this challenge slightly sceptical, Would it work for me? Would online coaching work for me? Well safe to say it bloody worked. The difference between this and 'fad diets ' is this is a lifestyle change, not a quick fix (even though I saw results very quickly). Emily educated us all on foods, meal prep, macros and calories. The live videos were inspirational and so informative, each time I walked away confident and knew I would smash another week. Emily is very good at helping you change your mindset and cutting our horrible habits. I can't believe the difference in just 8 weeks and look forward to seeing what else I can achieve!"

Steph Richard


After 6 months of clean bulking and one month of cutting down. My body has changed so much! when I look back on my journey it’s not just my body that’s transformed but also my mindset. I have a different view on training, dieting and lifestyle. I know what want when it comes to my goals and most important I'm really enjoying what I'm doing. Emily is helping me in every possible way. She provides me with training programmes that challenge me and food plans that are flexible. When times get hard she is always there for me I don't know and would achieve when I'm now. It's not just about competition prep, she also helps you to get fitter and change your opinion about food what's really important. Well just look at her, don't you want to look one day? I do! That's why I'm happy she is my Coach and I'm so happy to have her by my side ”



I’ve been coached by Em for the past five months or so and she coached me through my first ever bikini competition. When I first reached out to Em my self-esteem was rock bottom, I’d been bulking for a few months and put on more fat than I was comfortable with. I was so hesitant to even message her because I felt like doing a competition was way out of my depth- Em reassured me that this wasn’t the case and so we started my prep.

I have learned SO much about myself and my body over the past 16 weeks, my mindset has completely changed. I have so much more confidence than I’ve ever had before and I really owe all of this to Em and Ross- they’ve reassured me and kept me going throughout this process and made me feel so comfortable, I knew I could turn to them with any problems I was having and they’d talk me through it.

This experience really has changed my life, my outlook on myself and my training- I’m more determined than ever to keep competing and to do even better next time. I am honestly so eternally grateful for everything they’ve done for me, they’ve altered my life in so many aspects and I feel like such a different person to when I met them. Thank you both so much, I’m so glad we met and I’m so glad I asked you to coach me!

Alice Parker

WEEK 1-2

"Emily you have been an inspiration, I just love your honest and upbeat attitude. It's not easy to open up but I have found that refreshing. The challenge has been about more than losing inches and weight and your Facebook live sessions have been brilliant. Learning more about nutrition even though I already knew about it, that surprised me in a good way and talking about planning and self-worth/care. Hearing from the other ladies on the challenge has also been massively motivating for me. Emily has been sensitive, practical and very flexible at helping me to fit in calories and training around other bike and running training and my aim of weight loss when a lot of other trainers are so focused on it not being about the scales that can hinder someone who does have a weight loss aim.  I will definitely be continuing on and can't recommend Emily's style and training highly enough. Much love and so grateful to have found this."

Jenny New

Past Challenge Testimonials

“I really enjoyed Emily's Bikini Babe 8 week challenge. I have always tried eating healthy but Ems meal plans helped me make better choices. The exercise plans were excellent as they could all be done at home which fitted in perfectly with my hectic life as a busy working mum! Emily has continued to motivate me throughout the 8 weeks was always on hand to answer any questions I had and I got some amazing results. I lost 6 kilos and 3 inches of my waist! Thanks, Em!"
Emily Lockwood (Winner of the 8 week bikini babe challenge)
 “I signed up for Emily's 8-week bikini challenge last May as even though I train a lot myself and eat a pretty decent diet, I needed some accountability to really keep me on track. Even personal trainers need personal trainers! Emily provided me with lots of support throughout the whole process and I've since kept her on as my full-time online coach.”
Rebecca Still
"My journey started 3 months ago when I was seeking a coach because I wanted to lose weight and get back into shape after having my first child. I was recommended the lovely Emily. Throughout the 3 months, Emily has pushed me harder than anyone has before to help me achieve my goals, she is determined and 100% committed to our training sessions. I have learned so much from her which has helped me change my lifestyle around. Emily has guided me and supported me all the way to giving me body confidence again, I can't thank her enough. I absolutely love our training sessions and look forward to them each week. Emily always has a smile on her face and is motivated and full of energy and so positive. I would without a doubt recommend Emily"
Lauren Lilly
 "Since I started with BTA last August, I have changed my way of living by adjusting to sustainable healthy eating and exercise. I have lost 16 kilos in weight and still losing! I feel so much better in myself, I have more energy and I have my life back. Thank you, Emily”
Christine Rothery 


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